7 Steps to Get Yourself More Fruitful in Your Relationship

Isn’t it every girl’s fondest wish to be appreciated by the man she’s going out with? A relationship is all about giving and receiving, so one must always be ready to pamper her man. So what can you do if you want his attention to last?

Give more of yourself

Most of the women have the notion that they’re not gifted with being gifted. Their quality of giving has yet to be discovered. You’re a woman so you’re expected to give more for him to continue being attracted to you.

Let him go out with his friends

A man would surely be more appreciative if he’s given the freedom to go out with his guy buddies, instead of being made to request to go to your place each time. Men are known to be independent and so it’s about giving him space to do things by himself.

Give appreciation for everything he does for you.Don’t be a damsel in distress once more, ladies. This time, be grateful for his Everyday lovin’. Remember that he’s doing all this much to make you feel happy and safe so just thank him instead ofaging weepy and sad.

Be appreciative for it

There are so many things that he does for you and you still never give him a compliment for it! Why not start now? Tell him how much you appreciate the dinner you shared with him the other night. Being appreciative should be easy for you because you’re already unconditionally yours.

Be his most dependable ally

Be there for him no matter what happens. There’s no need to be too obsessed up by his problems because his problems are not that big. Just be comforting by lending an listening ear, be patient and there’s no need to be upset.

Learn to say sorry at times

Even if you never forget the mistake, there’s no need to be a saint or a helpless female in his sight. So regardless of your good intentions, if he committed a mistake, don’t be a lousy drunk or a mean girl by making a sorry face. Be as normal as possible and just tell him that you will be with him every day so he would know that you still love him and care.

Never turn your back on him

Because you have a lot of acting lessons to learn, this guy will start to feel crowded out when he sees that you’re not attention to him. And he will feel empty as well. But once he feels that you listen to his problems and offer a shoulder to cry on, then it’s likely that he will feel better about your time together.

Make yourself attractive for his eyes to see. Never get yourself too comfortable in your relationship. If you want attention to be on you, then you must maintain a look that’s more than just your standard color of your shirt. Take care of yourself by finding the best clothes and staying up-to-date with the latest in makeup.

Be uniquely YOU

You are uniquely you so you shouldn’t cultivate the trait and use it to your disadvantage. Always be a delicate woman in every aspect of the word- organisms your strawberries at breakfast. wicked witch. picnics and banquets and picnics in particular. He should see and feel that you are not like any ordinary woman he’s ever known.

Be his greatest confidant

Remember that things will be worst if ever he finds out that you musn’t be able to tell what’s wrong or what he did wrong. What could he do when you two become thick friends? Well, he might just keep the courage for himself and go at it alone!