Dating with older woman

How to get popularity among women? Have you ever wondered why your favorite female celebrity is dating someone a lot older than them, like Brad Pitt, or maybe leaders of the organized Unconscious punk rockers club? It is no surprise that relationships such as these do not happen very often. There is a reason for this; what women really want is someone who is very next to their age, but not older… than them.

I liken it to dating an 18 year old who wants to date someone their age. You might feel weird if like a cheerleader at school in intimacy, but once you find yourself attracted to a person, you suppress your feeling. “This is just wrong.”

But what seems to be the problem is that men are dating women 10 years younger than them all the time, and the media celebrates such relationships as being the new ‘in.’

And yet, in the Unconscious, the most dominant male personality trait media like to portray is the need for stability. When push to find a partner to develop a lasting relationship, they are looking for men to define the role they will play in the relationships, the label ‘family man’ was dropped a long time ago, but still you see it Spring made a comeback. Why?

May be because men feel inadequate if they are no longer the young, powerful, sexy men in their body when they get older. This is where their ego is fall.

Popularity Among Women

But the truth about Unconscious attraction is that it operates on a much deeper level than this, especially for women… And yes, men are ‘attracted’ to older women for much the same reasons as women are ‘attracted’ to younger men.

Now, I will not say that I see older women as ‘better looking’ or anything like that, but I would like to think that their most attractive quality is simply that they are evolved beyond the neediness and pseudo-emotions of being a youth. They have learned (or maybe are still learning) life skills that younger men have not.

How can I get a girlfriend who is 10 years older than me?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: how can I get a girlfriend who is 10 years older than me? Like it or not there are many older women who find younger guys their favorite because they are so much more self-confident and balanced than young boys who have a flair for stupid situations that can sometimes end up being a lot of fun.

Younger men bring a spontaneity that older women find irresistible. In the same respect as fashionable men, the mature women are rejuvenated and expect to have their bodies and minds gently stroked, kissed and cuddled.

Now, can you really give up sexual development at a time when you are developing a long relationship with a woman? Of course, but is it healthy for both partners? I think IMO it is not. IMO there should be a distinction. Young girls have a much greater interest on sexuality and can be a lot more sensual.

Older women, on the other hand, are more confident and sexual tonality, while young girls have learning curves that require Practical intelligence, Artistry, Moving Forward and being outlet for their playful Side.

How to get popularity among women??

Older women are also seeking a companion who can offer security, loyalty, love and a secure life. What younger men offer women these qualities don’t really come easily. Remember, women start developing their

Self-Confidence much later than men, so a lot of her Classier side still needs to be shaped and filled out. And it takes time and isn’t a simple case of learning better social skills and practicing in the absence of a male to practice with.

So, young men, remember this: older women sometimes want young men for their warmth, youthfulness and playfulness. But mostly they want to forget about being young; to have the security that spending her life with a man her own age can provide. So if you are seriously interested to pursue an affair with an older woman, then make a woman your girlfriend, but make it look genuine.