Here Are the Tools Which Will Get You a Date With Your Man Real Fast

Almost every girl at one time or the other has been shot at how to get a date with her guy. It’s enough to just ask the guy but if you never give some thought to it, your question will never be answered. You have to make a move and wow him if you really want to get a date with him. It’s pretty simple. Like for real.


It’s an innate quality and character in every girl to be confident and self assured. Look at some of the most beautiful women in the planet and their self assurance is obvious. Guys want you to have some. If you’re not sure of yourself, she isn’t sure of herself. Refrain from any vain bragging, accept the fact that you are a special person as are your thoughts, opinions and feelings.


A person can’t be truly happy with just one person, so it makes a man in pursuit of you go beyond he already knows what he wants. Make sure you accept his dates and there’s no reason or cause why he would not want to go out with you several more times.


A kindhearted woman is most sought after by a man, it’s not simply because of your being kind hearted. Men instinctively want a heart to heart connection and want to keep their sentiments, feelings, likes and dislikes closely associated with their lady.

Make Him Laugh

It doesn’t matter if you’re both sour, it’s up to you to make your way to his heart and get him to smile, laugh and unload some jokes on you. Laughing releases the feel good chemicals in your body and gets you naturally more open to a person and what they have to say.


Physical appearance is only a small fraction of what makes a guy attracted and hooked to you. You don’t have to have the beauty of a cover girl and your personality is jaw dropping, but being intelligent is crucial to get a date. Make it work for you! No beauty alone will stand a chance against a girl who knows what she’s talking about and is sharp to make conversations.

Utter Confidence

Confidence is a muscle; you need to work it out. You need to have a good hold of your nerves and your beliefs. Always try to look at the lighter side of things. Guys are apprehensive about evolutionary beings. Evolution is nature’s way of throwing challenges at the human race, and beautiful girls are what guys crave the most. They’re also the ones who are mostly froze when it comes to serious conversations. covered with cold sweats and unlean chins. So it’s always great to have a member of the opposite sex to laugh and share moments.

Eye Contact

Very few people on this planet have perfect night vision, so make the most of yours. It’s always important to make eye contact, as it establishes a deep connection between the 2 of you. Never stare, no matter how cute or hot she is. Just glance. Let her learn to dream about you, and believe that if she does, she definitely thinks you’re hot. Don’t be alone for long.


Ladies are very fragile, so make them all on an equal level. This means no putting the guy in the sexual category and all that. Attraction is the inability of a person to resist anything from another person. It’s very simple to determine the element of attraction. Ask yourself if he looks at you a certain way, and that feeling stays with you even if you change to another guy. If not, you’re not attracted to each other. Simple.