Learning super-strong body language skills will help you seduce women faster than all the pickup lines in the world. Listen — if you want to be an absolute magnet for women, then your body language has got to do some talking for you. So it’s got to be as good as new material. Here is how to apply the laws of body language to make women fall for you. Read on.

How To Attract Women – Using Killer Body Language

Basic Weaknesses: speaking too slowly– When you approach a woman you have toSlow Down. What does this mean? It means that when you walk into the room your body should be moving at a slower pace than what you have been doing up until that point. This is what professionals call a “defined advantage.” (By the way, it’s never a bad thing to be a “naturally dominant.”)

If you speak too slowly it shows you are not confident. That is NOT a good thing when seducing women. Try this next time you approach a woman. Before you say anything, pause for a few seconds, and then start talking again. You will be amazed at what you will find.

Killer Weakness: talking too fast– It is common for fast speakers (usually males) to rush through their thoughts, making it seem like they have no control over their speech. When a guy does this a woman will think, “What is wrong with him?” and then starts to get uncomfortable. So try to slow down your speech. Start out slow, speaking slowly, but as your mind gets some experience you will be able to talk faster.

By slowing down your speaking, you are giving your ideal partner(s) time to get comfortable. Better yet, just do the opposite and DON’T talk at all. That’s right, don’t talk at all. Just listen to them, and guess what? People really like to be heard.

So stop trying to merge in with the crowd and find some new friends by finding a pen and paper to write your thoughts down on with. When you write you are more likely to relax, and hence you’ll come across as much more charismatic and attractive.

Basic Strategy 3: touch people softly

Now that you’ve learned some great body language skills you need to learn how to touch the people around you. I am talking about playful touching here. Touching someone’s arm or shoulder softly is a great way to establish a connection, and let that person know you are not intimidate them. Again, think about the way you would touch your friends.

If someone is laughing at your jokes, feel free to put your hand on their arm or shoulder to make them laugh, but only if it feels OK to you! Touching is such a basic way to communicate, but you need to be careful with it. Don’t do it too much, or you’ll seem very creepy or else she’ll think you’re a stalker. When you touch her, make it soft and pleasurable, not predatory.

Try to not give mixed signals to her by touching her arms, or maybe playfully rubbing your thigh against her. Instead, touch the part of her body that you are interested in to show that you are very interested in that part of her! For example, if she has a beautiful neck, touch it gently to show that part of the body. Once you start practicing, it will seem very natural to you, and more appealing when you are with the woman. It is by far one of the best things a guy can do to seduce a woman, because you are gently and without any hint of sleaziness.