Do you know how to have fun on a date? Would you like to have more courage and to have less fear while dating? I have a few tips that will help you have fun.

1. What to Say

This is not an plane, OK? This is the fun part. First get a conversation started by saying something. Maybe she has beautiful hair. Or maybe you like her hat. The key is to start out with something you both can comment on. I say start out with the small statements and then if you find yourself sticking to them you can lead the conversation where it needs to go. Here is where some women have been known to just blurt it out all at once and it sounds egotistical. Where is fun in that? I say during the first conversation with her you should be looking for small talk that is related to each other, either something you heard she said or a compliment that is true. If you are stuck on a compliment don’t just blurt out “I like your hair” say it, you need to explain why you like the compliment in some way. Women are very impressed if you notice the little things and build on it.

2. Set Expectations

Be romantic and anticipate the fun to come. This does not mean that the date needs to be anything less than what you would have spent with the girl you just met. She may be more nervous then you about it. So don’t judge too early but don’t make it seem that way either. With me going on over 40 date aches are pretty common. I am very used to getting that first kiss in the morning. My rule is if it looks like it may be getting towards the end I try to make it a day if not a night. I also try to find something that is new and fun. I try to create a romantic setting while doing so, something fun and adventurous.

3. Staying Focused

Stay Focused! What is fun for you may be totally fun for another couple. Always ask questions of each other. Leave conversations at a detour if you kind of feel that it has been going to the negative side. Stay in control of the conversation. Keep it upbeat and fun. Never talk about your problems. You don’t want her to be seeing a negative side of you. Romantic things are just catered to that thought process. Remember things will be different but keep a loose rein on theFresh Prince candle, you don’t want to overdo it.

4. Laughter

Don’t underestimate the power of laughter. A guy that can make a girl laugh will be very successful. Being able to make someone laugh is truly a powerful tool. Look at things from a positive point of view if you have one and make her laugh. Every time she thinks of you she will begin to relax and that’s the time when you want her to begin to relax. What does she like to do? Does she have a sense of humor? Go from there.

5. Romance

We as men don’t often think of romance for the women. But the truth of the matter is is that romance matters. Women love a romantic, loving guy. Let that show. Be romantic. Bring her flowers. Be thoughtful. Women love to have a caring partner. The more you care the better she will like it.

I can see that you are pretty successful with women. I am certainly no prince but hopefully these tips will spark up you relationship. Don’t take these tips lightly. This is a good information to have in the back of your mind when you are courting those women you are after.